Another year has gone by and …….

Ok now this whole aging thing is kind of scary. I don’t know about others but having turned over another year yesterday, I got to thinking about those wonderful years behind me …. growing up in Bahrain, settling down in India, my first love, getting my engineering degree, the first heart break, my first job, trying to land a gig in the U.S, my first startup, my own startup, my last startup, getting married, getting divorced, getting married again, my first house, my next house, going back to school to get my M.B.A, new friends, old friends and forgotten friends … the list goes on.

So what now and what next I asked myself. well as usual I don’t have an answer but got tons of ideas. Oh boy what am I going to do? You see over the years my penchant to tackling my hobbies has diminished in favor of veg’ing out Smile. So guess I need to figure it out soon and when I do you will know.

I got to admit, there is something about looking back at life and just relating to your roots and values, it is something that I wish I did more often. Honestly the thought that so much has transpired over the past 37 years both good and bad, and here I stand looking forward to possibly another 37 years is fascinating and equally scary. GOD knows what’s in store, but as usual I’ll do it one day at a time with a smile on most days.

Over and out, Raj

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